Princess Castle House Cleanup - Princess Cleaning Games for Girls

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Sweet Princess loves to take care of her beautiful Castle. She cleans her home daily, and makes sure it's shiny and new!
The evil villain wants to get in the way of her beautiful work, and destroy her beautiful castle. Help Princess avenge her arch nemesis the Villain by putting her Castle back together, and cleaning up her home to make it tidy and new once again!
Help Princess cleanup her home including her Bedroom, Bathroom, Hallway, Kitchen, and Royal Gardens, and clean and fix her Castle to make it look like it's Brand New again!
Help Princess to tidy and cleanup her beautiful home so she can invite her guests back into it once again, and avenge the villain’s evil and destructive ways!
Princess Cleanup Features Include:
- Help Princess by using the vacuum, mop, broom, sponge, and towels to cleanup the bathroom! Help her clean up ice and snow to get it spruced up again!
- The bathroom looks like a tornado came through! Clean toilets, bathtubs, mirrors, and add new decor to make it look beautiful once again!
- The kitchen is a disaster - Help Princess clean up the Kitchen, including broken dishes, trash, dirty floors, and ceilings with cobwebs. Tidy up the fridge, and throw away expired food to make this the kitchen of your dreams again!
- The Castle Hallway needs help - put together a broken piano, and play a musical tune on this beautiful instrument! Clean up ice, puddles, and dirty floors using all the tools at your disposal.
- The Royal Castle Gardens are in need of some maintenance! Help clean up the Gardens by raking some leaves, and making it look serene and pretty once again!
Polish up your cleaning skills and help clean up this pretty pink castle and make your beautiful home brand new once again!

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