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An innovative solution in form of android application-TopoAssist prepared is developed to help navigate in the remotest corner of the world with special focus on deep jungle explorations. Deep in jungle, conventional navigation can become a nightmare and lack of modern support due to poor internet connection is far fetched. To tackle this problem thi application is a well tested solution, its work ability and efficiency has toes the line during live demonstration in real field conditions. It has been crafted with in hand experience that the developer has acquired as a student of forestry discipline. Highlights of ‘TopoAssist’-android application:
1. Works without internet
2. No additional device required
3. It can be developed as individual modules or as a compendium. Highly flexible
4. High accuracy
5. Creates dataset that can be directly extracted and integrated with “BHUVAN” web
6. Developed indigenously
7. Tested and demonstrated
8. It can serve as digital demarcation solution especially in delineation of fire lines.
9. Dual tone marking
10. Google map support available(in internet available areas)
11. Stored images can be used(Calibration needed)
12. Complete automation can be done(Contact developer)
13. Can be used to track movement for fitness purpose, if no internet is there
Requirements and understanding:
1. You need to know the central latitude and longitude of the map you are using. Enter
these values first and then press find me.
2. Preferably use digitally downloaded maps, know the zoom level. Zoom levels used in the
application are at par with google maps API zoom level and takes only non-negative
3. Long press on google map, under Getting_Map, to know the latitude and longitudes of
point of desire. Know your Lat_Long tells only about the GPS based values and it cannot
be maneuvered. Pinch in pinch-out facility is also available.
4. Cut the digital map to get only the map no additional data, more the precise cutting
more the accuracy.
4. The value given 10.78 for zoom level is given for the toposheet provided by government
of India.
5. In any case if you need support in handling the technicality, do contact the developer.

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