Fire Truck Games For Toddler Kids 2+ Full Version

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Do you love fire trucks and dream of being a heroic firefighter? Then It’s time for some fire trucks fun with the Firefighter Games for Kids App! This entertaining and informative app was designed by teachers with over 15 years childcare experience, using their philosophy of learning through play. With over 30 fire truck games and sounds this app will get everyone excited about playing with fire trucks and firefighters!
Firetruck Sounds
The sounds of sirens is what thrills aspiring firefighters the most, and with the fire truck sounds you get to hear all sorts of different sirens and fire trucks! The interactive sound pages have several other sounds as well, and it’s fun to tap everything on the page and see it respond. Fire trucks galore and sirens… what aspiring firefighter could ask for more?
Firetruck Rescue Driving Game
Hop in the fire truck and get ready for some fun driving! In the Firetruck Rescue Game you’ll be driving into different creative fun worlds like a cave, a forest, and a snowy wonderland. And what do firefighters do best? Put out fires and rescue animals and people! So as you drive in the different worlds you’ll be putting out things that are on fire and also jumping up to rescue different animals and pets. When you collect the right amount of animals you’ll be rewarded at the end with a fun animation and sound page including the sounds of what you just helped rescue. It’s fire truck fun to the max and perfect for everyone who wants to be a hero!
Firefighter Flashcards
Being a firefighter is exciting and also very interesting! It’s an age old profession and there is lots you didn't know about how firefighting first started and other interesting facts about all the special equipment they use. With the Firefighter Flashcards you’ll be learning the names of all the equipment including the best part- a firetruck! And you’ll also be learning facts about the equipment and the firefighters themselves that are sure to not only entertain but educate as well.
Counting Book
Ho, ho, ho, Santa stopped in at the fire station and helped them make a special book for all aspiring firefighters- a Christmas Counting Book! Get into the holiday spirit while learning to count up to 12 with assorted fun firefighting equipment, dalmatian puppies, reindeer's, and of course Santa. This book is interactive and will say the numbers when you tap them... it’s jolly good fun learning through play!
Firefighter Number Games
Numbers are fun, and playing with addition and subtraction in the Firefighter Numbers Game will get you excited! And the best part is you’ll be adding and subtracting with fun firefighter equipment, and puppies and, of course, firetrucks. With 3 different levels you can start out with easier equations, and then build your way up to subtracting in the 3rd level. It’s engaging math fun, and is sure to entertain while you’re learning.
Sound the fire truck sirens and have a awesome time playing with firetrucks and firefighting equipment, and numbers in the Firefighter Games for Kids App, where learning through play encourages your little ones to have fun while sharpening their knowledge about firetrucks and numbers. If your little one loves fire trucks and sirens this is the app for them!

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