Unicorn Games for Toddler Kids Ages 2+ Full Version

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Unicorns are magical and mythical creatures that have captured the hearts of little girls and boys everywhere, and if your little one loves unicorns they will adore the Unicorn Games for Kids app! With a unicorn running game, spot the difference games, tap sounds, flashcards, and a count with unicorns book your little ones will delve into their magical filled world and have a blast playing and learning with unicorns! This fun and imagination evoking app was designed by teachers with over 15 years childcare experience, using their philosophy of learning through play, and features original sweet unicorn artwork, including flying unicorns.
Unicorn Running Games
Run straight into excitement with the unicorn running games! With four different magical worlds including princess, pirate, fairyland, and under the sea your little ones will have a blast running and jumping to collect different fun objects. The trick is to learn to jump at the right times so you don’t fall off the path, so as well as entertaining this game will also teach hand eye coordination and cognitive skills.
Tap Sounds and Flashcards
Little fingers love to tap, tap, tap, and the tap sounds are super fun and exciting because they get to tap and reveal a hidden unicorn! The first screen will appear with just one object, like a sea shell, heart, or diamond and every time you tap it another cute item will appear that goes along with the cute theme. Each object that appears is interactive fun because when they tap the objects, such as a dolphin in the under the sea tap sound, they will hear the sound it makes and see that object change color. And then when the hidden unicorn pops out the page turns into an interactive flashcard, with the words appearing beside everything that appeared, and when you tap it now it will say the what it is. It’s a creative and fun way to learn through play and teach letter and word recognition!
Unicorn Spot the Difference Games
The unicorn spot the difference games are very entertaining and cute! They match the themes of the tap sounds and each theme has over six games. Your little ones will have to look really closely to see one difference for every game, some harder to find then others. And when they find the right one and tap it a magical circle will appear around it and they go to the next game. Similar to hidden pictures this interactive game will keep your little ones guessing and having fun!
Count With Unicorns Book
Your little one will adore counting with unicorns and learning their numbers with this fun and interactive book! Featuring all the unicorns in the app they will be counting to twenty, and the fun part is hearing the number and then counting the unicorns on each page. Learning through play is easy with Count With Unicorns and you’ll love the rewarding feeling little ones get when they are really counting!
Run into unicorn fun with the Unicorn Games for Kids app and explore creativity, imagination, and learning with magical unicorns. With regular updates this app will grow with your child and keep them happy playing and learning with unicorns!

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