Construction Truck ABC Games for Toddler Kids 2+ FULL VERSION

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Do you have a little one that digs construction trucks and tools and wants to learn the ABC’s? Then it’s time for some alphabet fun with the Big Truck Games for Toddlers App! This entertaining and educational app was designed by teachers with over 15 years childcare experience, using their philosophy of learning through play. There’s no better time to start learning the alphabet and using construction trucks and tools makes it fun!
ABC Construction Book
Using the art from the best selling storybook Construction Dreams the ABC Construction book is sure to delight, entertain, and educate children of all ages. Each page has a different cute truck or tool that will keep your little one interested, and a clear outline of the letter with a tap response to hear the letter or truck sound. And at the end of the book the entire alphabet will let them tap and hear any letter they want and also features the ABC song to further engage them in learning fun.
Letters Game
After reading through the ABC Construction book let your little ones have fun practicing letter recognition! When they start the game they will be asked what letter does the vehicle on the page start with. They can tap the vehicle and hear the name if they need a hint. Then when they pick the right one they will hear us say the name of the letter and the vehicle, and if they tap the vehicle they will hear the sound it makes. It's interactive learning fun that will get kids of all ages having a blast learning the alphabet!
ABC What’s Different
To add to the ABC fun is the What’s Different game featuring every truck and tool from the book. Keeping learning entertaining is the key to success and playing a game will do just that! Have a great time trying to spot what’s different with each truck and tool, some harder than others, but all age appropriate and designed for phone screens so they are not too hard to find. Anyone who digs construction trucks and tools will love to play, and not only will they be having fun they will sharpen their cognitive skills, memory, spatial imagery, and logic as well.
The ABC’s are the building blocks of literacy, so children must learn to recognize and name the letters, and the sounds associated with each letter. Once they have this knowledge a child is well on the road to reading and literacy. Many teachers agree that starting to learn the alphabet should start at age 3, once they have begun speaking, so the foundation is already forming before school starts.
ABC Construction makes learning the alphabet fun, and allows them to correctly hear the letter and associate a word with the letter. Let’s all have fun learning the ABC’s the fun way!

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