Gangster San Andreas Crime Plan Simulator

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Are you ready to the rescue the innocent people from horrible life of fear among blood, shots, bandits and killers?
With Gangster San Andreas Crime Plan Simulator it's time to show everyone who’s boss by your incredible shooting you can destroy your rivals and ruling the streets. Get on bike or car on these grand city roads of redemption city. You are not a random peaceful policeman. You are a true gangster, who doesn’t need peace for glory - you have a greed for revenge from those who have let you down. You have a big selection of weapons and must to kill as much as possible bandits with guns, knives and other deadly weapons. Choose your favorite one and start this grand shooting mania.
You as an expert gangster San Andreas player are given a full sized modern city where you can go nuts with all the power and weapons in your hands, but don’t go on the curious rampage because then the cops will be upon you, don’t let them win this fight of war, terror and shooting. The action in this crime simulator 3D game adventurously revolves around shooting and killing your enemies.
Criminals have taken over the San Andreas city of peace, to stop all this you have to be one of them as well. To stop these criminals you have to complete a lot of life threatening missions and you need to learn how to fight with hands how to be a real gangster and snatch the cars, run like macho mafia man. Gangster San Andreas Crime Plan Simulator is an action packed tremendous shooting and fighting gangster game with lots of missions. When you are driving around in gangster San Andreas grand city you can look on the minimap for missions or you can use the quick buttons to start right away a deadly mission, kill as many people on your way as you want. Spread the crime and download the game for free. As a world best and notorious criminal you can hit the other cars and fight with other peoples without any reason in the city and complete your missions, start shooting and killing for money. You can shoot, kill people, rob banks and blast bombs. There is a criminal’s chaos in the gangster San Andreas city. You are not an innocent citizen or any policeman. You are a dreadful gangster, who kills for money and satisfaction.

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