Guess the Word: Text Twist

发行商: Lighthouse Studios
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Guess the Word: Text Twist
Interesting game with words.
The game has 30 levels. Each level contains 20 words.
The levels are mixed each time and create a new sequence that does not repeat.
The game is in Untimed mode so you don't need to rush to guess the words during a time frame.
The game has two different modes:
- Timed mode: Where you have two minutes to guess all the words so you can proceed to next level.
- Untimed mode: Where you have unlimited time to guess all the words.
The first thing you’ll see are empty blocks for letters. Click on the letter and it will appear in the blue blocks.
Press the ENTER button if you want to check the word. If there is no such word, then the letters will return to the old places, and then they will be mixed. If there is such a word, then it will open in yellow blocks
Press CLEAR if you are not sure of the word. The letters return to their places and are mixed
Click TWIST. The letters will be randomly mixed
Once you guess all 30 level words, then you will be asked to go to the next level and guess the words there!
The game works on all popular mobiles
Classic Text Twist game
Nice graphics
More than 600 combinations of words.
Two different modes: Untimed and timed.

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