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Flash cards to teach your baby their first words! Featured on Mother&Baby!
Baby First Words - UK English will help teach new words with a bold and simple art style, fun sounds, clear speech and large text.
⭐Featured in the article '10 educational apps that toddlers will love' on the Mother&Baby website 'the UK's number 1 parenting magazine'.
⭐Designed with a UK Primary School Teacher aimed at babies and toddlers (1 - 3 years), this will teach them more than 360 first words using UK English spelling and spoken with a British accent.
⭐Baby can extend play by swapping between cartoon images or photos. They can also switch between a male or female voice.
⭐For a more interactive experience, baby can turn on quiz mode to practice what has been learnt. Special categories show an alternate word when the image is tapped.
⭐Baby First Words - UK English features 12 categories including: letters, animals, clothes, vehicles, food, body, colours, home, shapes ,toys, numbers and outside.
⭐Boost baby's vocabulary with over 360 first words, 700 pictures and 100 sounds.
⭐Can also be a useful tool for learning English as a foreign language and speech therapy.
⚙️Adults can alter the settings to change the size & colour of text and also the button size. Other options allow you to switch off background colours, animations and sound effects.
⚙️Watch the video to see how to tailor the experience to you and your munchkins!
ℹ️ About us: We made this app for our baby and toddler to teach them how to say words like us!
ℹ️ We would genuinely love to hear any feedback. Please email us at and follow us on Twitter (@munchkinstudio):

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