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Dash For Life - Monster Sprint

发行商: Hit&Run Games
价格: 49.99 USD


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The city is overflowing with monsters, from basement to rooftop. Still, you got your gun and you got your guts, so make a good use of them and you might survive. Join the mad rush through the top-level urban landscape with "Dash For Life - Monster Sprint"!
Here you gotta be ready to fight for your life at a breakneck pace – the horrible creatures you never knew could be real are coming at you from all directions. Take them down with a shot before they can get their paws on you and don’t slow down on your way to safety. Collecting the coins that the perished monsters leave behind, you can use them to upgrade your ammunition whenever you’re lucky enough to find a store. And better pay attention to what’s happening under your feet – these rooftops are all debris and pitfalls.
"Dash For Life - Monster Sprint" features:
- Endless running platformer with unlimited adrenaline supply
- Mutated monsters for enemies, creepy in a fun way
- A balance of obstacles and enemies providing a varied gameplay
- Character upgrades funded by the in-game currency
- The thrilling vibe of the big city’s night life


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