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Guide for MS Excel, Ms Excel Formulas and Functions

发行商: Mubeen Khan
价格: 1.49 USD


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MS Excel is one of the most renowned and widely used accounting software. Microsoft Excel lets you apply all kinds of accounting and calculation formulas and with the help of it you can keep record of all your inventory and accounts related departments. Learning MS excel is a hard thing to do and requires quite some effort on part of the learner. You need to learn Excel formulas, excel macros, excel pivot tables, and excel v lookups and so on. This app will help all those who wish to learn excel in 30 days without any worry or the need of joining classes. Some major features of the learn excel app are as follows:
** Excel Basic
- Excel Rows and Columns
- Enter text a number in a Cell
- How to edit text in cell
- How to change the color of a cell and many more
** Chart in Excel
- How to sort data in excel
- Create an Excel Chart
- Move and resize
- Chart Style and Layout and many more
** Conditional Logic
- The if Function
- Conditional formatting in Excel
- Count if
- Sum if
** Formulas
- The SUM function
- How to Multiply in Excel
- Subtract and Divide
- Combining the Arithmetic Operators and many more
** Functions
- The Average Function
- The date function
- Time Function in


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