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MonteCalc - Montessori Bead Frame

发行商: ui/deation GmbH & Co. KG
价格: 1.19 USD


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MonteCalc - the well known Montessori Small Bead Frame.
The high standard of the original Montessori Small Bead Frame has been supplemented with multiple other functions allowing an easier and more fun learning experience.
MonteCalc is an application that helps children to discover numbers up to 10.000. They can play with the numbers and engage in problem solving activities including addition and subtraction problems on different levels of difficulty.
MontCalc helps children by giving them feedback and it motivates them in their learning experience.
MonteCalc features:
- 5 modules to discover different aspects of numbers
- Pure Abacus modules
- addition and subtraction problems up to values of 10.000
- over 7800 different calculation exercises
- different levels of difficulty
- MonteCalc always gives feedback if an exercise has been solved correctly
- providing help in case an exercise can not be solved
- visual bead swap help in case your addition exercise requires a „tens transition“
- you can skip an exercise at any time
- exercises are chosen randomly in the current level of difficulty
In home schooling, the classroom, doing homework or while traveling: MonteCalc is a valuable and fun maths learning tool!


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