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Horse Pixel Art - Paint by Number, Sandbox Coloring Pages

发行商: Next Tech Labs
价格: 9.99 USD


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If you or your family is fascinated by horses, foals and ponys then this simple game will give inspiration for hours of creativity, play and learning.These animals are making us company for centuries. Its beauty and grace have always impressed us.Horses are incredible, beautiful & powerful animals which is why people love them so much. Horse Color By Number Book for Adults is an anti stress coloring book for grown ups. You would be very surprised by the energy and mindfulness you could achieve with horse coloring pages for adults.Would you like to relax and do something creative? Download Horse Color By Number and delight in the fantastic sketches that you will have a blast painting.These beautiful and elegant animals have always been of assistance to mankind and you can even find them depicted in so many folklore stories.If you have ever tried horseback riding you know what incredible feeling is going through nature carried on the back of your favorite creature.Relax and forget about all your worries while filling in the new illustrations that we have prepared for you.Color by number develop your concentration, color matching skills, accuracy and precision.Choose from a wide range of fascinating pictures and color the ones you like to create your own artworks!
- Teaching family simple arithmetic, Addition and subtraction
- Coloring by geometrical figures and pictograms
- Coloring by letters.
- Well designed anti-stress pixel pictures
- Paint easily and watch how you draw the image in the end
- Very simple program interface that any family can master
- Easy-to-use palette that allows you to put together your own unique set of colors
- High-quality drawings of all pictures
- Visual effects and sound effects
- Pleasing background music
- Colored pictures automatically saved on closing the program
- And many other useful features that make coloring entertaining
How to Play:
- First of all choose the worksheet or picture you want to paint.
- Zoom an pixel image with two fingers till boxes with numbers appear.
- Pick colors in the palette and color boxes with matching number.
- Just follow the numbers in pictures and make an amazing drawing.If you will paint box by other number then no need to be worried.You can also have an opportunity to recover your box by the exact color number & release your creativity.
Paint by numbers - an interactive horse coloring book for family. This mathematical game teaches family to recognize numbers and solve simple mathematical examples. In addition, this program develops memory, attention, imagination and logical abilities.
Anxiety coloring books and stress relief coloring books are all anti stress coloring pages for adults that come in many forms, but horse color by number pages for adults might be the best kind to reach the state of mindfulness.
One thing is certain – the reason anyone should take up horse coloring in a coloring book for adults is improved quality of life that comes with calmness, steadiness and strong mental health.
While filling with amazing shades all those popular pictures you will enter in the world of horses.There you will forget all your problems and worries in a blink of an eye.Express your creativeness with the virtual painting book and make the masterpiece of art. Share it with friends and family or set it as the wallpaper.


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