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发行商: Aurelian Solutions
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Time to swim!
The most adventures and extreme curly water slides having Pneumatic Waving Pools provides you an awesome uphill water park game experience which is highly ranked water game among top free games category. : Slide Rush Amusement Parks Thrill is a summer fun water slide games. A fun games in which you can enjoy all the amazing splash mountain rides which are in the real water park slide game. You can enjoy your ride just like the real experience and fell like the water is all around you.
In this amazing water park simulator games all you have to do is to jump, crawl and swim out through challenging obstacles. Once you get into the crazy water park, you have to go through the most difficult hurdles placed in this legendary blue water pools. Reach to the end of the water slide and try to be the first to win the race. Bump other players during the flow water games race and have fun playing this colorful and sunny water slide games. Enjoy splashdown tricky water park fun free games which is the wipeout water park theme packed with action and adventure party io!
Enjoy all the thrill & entertainment of adventure park with water park fun games on your mobile without leaving the comfort of your home. Your task is to reach to the finish point by avoiding all the hurdles and take down all the opponents. Accuracy for water racing is much important to play water park games because your little mistake may cause damage you or you will fail the mission.
Slip & Slide it!
It's summer time and people loves to play water park games. Now there are a lot of free water slide games on store where you just have to pass the tracks and reach to the end point but by playing this fun online games you have to fun race against the waterslide io time and pass the water parks tricky slides to complete the water park water game challenge. So to be a master water park funland parkour expert you have to fun run and rush to the top with the dangerous waterland hurdles placed for passing the water park. So take the ride to slip and slide to win water race! : Slide Rush Amusement Parks Thrill is more than just fun in the sun! So get ready for some extreme water slide games races from the world’s craziest waterslide io blizzard beach water park simulator games! Download this most adventure park free online games to become the legend of water park tycoon with your amazing free water slide games skills. This amazing games is totally free games which you can play sliding games whenever and wherever you want so just hit the install button and splashdown rush to the dead summer fun!
Water Park io : Parkour Amusement Parks Thrill slide it - Features:
- Extreme water park water slide io thrills with amusement parks
- Totally unique smash park funland water slide games & extreme water games scenarios
- Water extreme realistic 3D graphics and waterslide 3d cool games sound effects
- Lots of different swimming rides to choose from toboggan aquatica water slide games
- Less in size so easy to download
- Very simple & free water games funplex water park gameplay for water slide 3d
- Pretty simple funland controls
- Lots of water fun uphill parasailing hurdles amusement parks party io
Download latest uphill water games from store and enjoy extreme water racing slide ride to be super slider!


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