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Okoo - cartoons tv shows and videos for children

发行商: France Télévisions
价格: 免费


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Find all the videos for children of France Télévisions TV channel in a free and secured application specially designed for 3 - 12 year olds and their parents!
• With Okoo, there's something for everyone!
More than 3500 videos, cartoons, shows, originals, exclusivities, and all your children's favorite heroes to learn while having fun!
• A customizable application
Our priority is that your children watch age-adapted videos. That's why, as soon as you select an age, all available videos are automatically filtered to offer only age-appropriated content.
• Free and ad-free application
Okoo is without advertising and without subscription to be accessible to all and without constraint and in-app purchase!
• Easy to use
If you have authorized it, you can change your age at any time by clicking on the dedicated icon.
Depending on the age selected, the interface of the application will be different to adapt to the maturity of each child. Thus, it is simple and sounded for the little ones and more elaborate for the older ones.
Do you like Okoo? Feel free to let us know by leaving a note and a comment. Do you have a question about Okoo? Write us at for any comments or suggestions.
For rights reasons, the programs are inaccessible outside of France and Overseas territories of France. This application is free of charge except for the subscription cost of your internet provider and any additional cost charged your operator for loading and sending data. As the use of this application can generate significant data consumption, particularly when viewing videos, France Télévisions recommends that you check with your internet provider or to make sure that you have a subscription suitable for this use.
Okoo collects anonymous data in order to improve the experience and to notify you of new features.
This application requires an internet connection.


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