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SALTO, unlimited TV & streaming in one app

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Your favorite TV programs live, replay, preview or full seasons
Discover for free for a month:
- Discover the new series Salto (Evil, Ils Etait Dix, C'est comme ça que je t'aime, Becoming a god), series in binge versions (Urgences, Grey's Anatomy, Downton Abbey, Captain Marleau, Fargo, Ma Famille D first, Buffy the Vampire Slayer ...) and cycles of cult and popular films, constantly renewed.
- With Salto, watch TV live and in replay in the same application. Find French DTT channels (TF1, France 2, France 3, France 5, M6, W9, TMC, TFX, Nrj12, LCP Public Senate, France 4, Gulli, TF1 Series Films, The team, 6ter , Chérie 25, LCI, France Info, TV5Monde CanalJ and Tiji) and a selection of thematic channels (TV Breizh, Téva, Paris Première, Ushuaïa TV, Histoire TV). And discover your daily soap operas before everybody (Plus Belle la vie, Tomorrow Belongs to Us, Un Si Grand Soleil, Here Everything Begins).
- You can watch Salto content on all your screens.
- Create up to 7 connection profiles: Salto adapts to your tastes to offer you the opportunity to discover SVOD content that you will like, to watch alone or with others.
- Find all the youth offers from Tfoumax, Okoo and Gullimax and your children's daily heroes in the dedicated Salto Kids area.
- Take advantage now! Try Salto for free for one month: all our offers are non-binding and can be canceled at any time.
Katy Keene, All American, A Very English Scandal: discover the new series of Salto
Candice Renoir, Why women Kill, Craignos: find the TF1, M6 and France TV series in binge version
Or Simon, Trotro, Bienvenue chez les Louds for the youngest


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