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VB2 Ghost Box Pro

发行商: Absolut Web
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This app is Designed for the Professional Paranormal Investigator or Users whom prefer more Verification that a spirit is present.
EVP Recorder
Vb2 Ghost Box ( Original Version )
Vb2 Ghost Box Vibration ( Requires a spirit to vibrate your device to activate the Ghost Box reversed Garbled audio files )
EMF X ( Our Best Emf Detector that the User can make extremely sensitive for a spirit to manipulate )
Notes ( A place to Mark Exact Locations of Paranormal Activity with GEO Tagging and File Tagging )
Weather ( Full blown Open source map that shows all current temperature, wind and humidity for your location )
This app was created, thanks to users in our group wanting a bit more Verification / other tools to verify what was coming through the original VB2 Ghost Box app, already available. Notes have been added for the Paranormal Investigator that wishes to Mark certain locations for Future Investigations or too verify with other fellow Investigators a spot or spirit they communicated with at a certain time and a certain place.
Weather was added for numerous reasons. One to check the weather for an Investigation ( Typical ). Two, to verify wind speed during an investigation requiring Vibration to activate the Ghost Box outside ( Debunking wind as the reason for the app being effected). Three, humidity for videos and evidence. Basically, if there is a certain humidity ( FOG ) and spirits are showing up via Video Recording on a Different Device. There is proof of the humidity. Four, temperature. Obviously, if the investigator is using a thermal device to detect cold spots and the Weather part of this app says 90 degrees. The investigator has the means to Screen Shot the current temperature to compare to the readings of their Temperature Sensing Device they use in the field.
We at VBE believe in only the most Honest of Evidence. We at any time will reveal the code to any of our apps and will gladly provide the Reversed Garbled audio files used, within this and any other app we have available for Skeptics and Believers alike. We are a Transparent Paranormal Investigation Team, that has grown over the many years of providing cutting edge apps.
Please Visit our group for any questions regarding the use or requirements for this app, prior to purchase. Please make sure to download our Device Testing app prior to purchase as well, to verify this app will work with your device.
LINK to Device Sensor Testing app ( FREE ):
REQUIREMENTS for your Device:
GPS ( Geo Tagging )
DATA or WIFI ( Weather app )
Working Speaker
Thank you for your support and any evidence you wish to share in our group.


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