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Timer TV

发行商: Apimac
价格: 4.99 USD


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Timer TV is the app you need in your living room, in your room, in the gym at school, at work, and anywhere can serve a comfortable and convenient timer on the TV screen. Use it at school during classes to mark the moments of class with those of pause; Use it at the gym to schedule sessions of exercises and allow athletes to better focus their energies; Use it at the university during the exams for your students; Use it in your company or in a convention to regulate more precisely the timing of the meetings give each speaker the scheduled time; Use it in the kitchen to cook your recipes at the right time and get the dishes cooked to perfection; use it in the evening when your children should brush your teeth for a perfect cleaning as they look pleased as long as you approach the end of the task.

You can choose from three pre-set themes that fit perfectly to the various requirements:
• Steel: the professional theme, suitable for the workplace, sports and education.
• Energy: the perfect theme for physical activity, for cooking and fashion environments.
• Snow: the theme with a sophisticated aesthetic that fits perfectly in contemporary contexts as start-up companies, modern environments, houses with a sophisticated design.

Quickly set an audible alarm (the tinkling of a bell) at the end of the countdown. Use the Play/Pause button of remote to start and pause the time. Set the timer time in according to your needs, from a few seconds up to twenty-three hours and fifty-nine minutes. Timer TV is designed to work as foreground app, when placed in the background using a different app or different services of the device, it automatically switches to pause.


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