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Tranquility Zen Spa Universe

发行商: Rehegoo
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Welcome to Tranquility Zen Spa Universe. Create an ambience for relaxation and meditation regardless of the location or time! Enjoy a large variety of relaxation sounds and music that will soothe your body and mind during meditation, yoga, luxuriating in healing waters or spa day at home. The music here may simply wash away daily stresses and build a sense of peacefulness in your life. It may also be used for a daily relaxation purpose, or when you just need the perfect spa soundscape in your home or therapy center. Let the calming sounds of Tranquility help you relax.

Start by selecting the song you wish to play. There are 10 beautiful oriental songs, created to help you relax in various situations.

● 10 Songs – The Best Soothing Spa Music Selection:

1. Rising Sun
2. Zen Garden
3. Luxury Bath
4. Dragon King
5. Fenghuang
6. Lotus Flower
7. Kokoro
8. Essential Oil
9. Oriental Sauna
10. Lantern Light

You can also add soft zen sounds to the melody to compose your own favorite zen background. There are 54 natural sounds you can choose to create a wonderful oriental spa atmosphere.

● Various Nature Sounds for Spa Serenity, separated into groups:

1. White Noises
2. Ambiences
3. Fan Noises
4. Fire Crackling
5. Nature
6. Rain
7. River
8. Sea
7. Under Water
8. Water Dripping
9. Insects
10. Wind Flow
11. Vaccum
12. Birds
13. ASMR Sounds

Timer feature will help you manage your spa experience. Select for how long you would like music to continue and hop into that relaxing bubble bath!
We hope our app will help you escape from the noise of the city and daily stresses. For any suggestions, problems or requests, please contact us at


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