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EventSentry(tm) users can now monitor the status of their Windows servers from their TV with the new EventSentry client "EventMonitor TV".

EventMonitor TV allows System Administrators to keep tabs on all their critical server components to help prevent outages before they ripple through their infrastructure.

Gain Insight Into Your Performance - View graphs of bandwidth, cpu and memory and more.

Gain Insight Into Your Services - Monitor your Windows services and drivers and know when a service or driver changes it's status.

Gain Insight Into Your Storage - View fixed drives and mount points based on the percentage of free disk space when set above a preset limit.

Gain Insight Into Your Events - View the very latest events in your environment with Real Time Event log monitoring.

EventMonitor TV gives you the health status of all your servers and workstations at a glance, and easily navigate through monitored hosts to access detailed health information.

Supports: Apple TV

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