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Cornflix TV reimagines internet video by curating the best videos from YouTube in a beautifully seamless TV-like experience. Internet TV will never be the same!

Cornflix TV features hundreds of the top media brands, personalities and YouTube creators on the planet including BBC, CNN, TheEllenShow, Jimmy Kimmel Live, Martha Stewart, FoodTube by Jamie Oliver, BuzzFeed, Pewdiepie, Red Bull TV, College Humor, Adult Swim, Dude Perfect, Top Gear, Epic Meal Time, and tons of other favourites!

Covering News & Business, Entertainment, Food & Drink, Tech & Gadgets, Sports, Fashion & Beauty, Kids and many other categories, Cornflix TV has something for everyone.

- Wholesome and delicious entertainment for the family
- 100% wheat with no added chaff
- Up to 90% less clicking and more watching
- Updated daily with the freshest videos
- New great tasting channels added monthly

Cornflix TV… get your daily dose!

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