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First Rule Fireplace

发行商: David Okun
价格: 免费


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So, you wanted to download a fireplace app. Neat! This is a perfectly good one!

*background voice* "But wait! There are SO MANY other fireplace apps to download for AppleTV!"

Pff. Do any of them have music to accompany them? What about rain?

*background voice* "Man, he has a pretty good point."

Introducing First Rule Fireplace. A great look for your TV, but with some nice rain and smooth jazz looping in the background for maximum relaxation.

*background voice* "Smooth jazz is lame! And I like the sun more!"

Again, PFF. Simply swipe in either direction to adjust the volume of the background noise. If you want just a fireplace on your screen, then by all means, you'll have just a fireplace on your screen.

*background voice* "This one fireplace is dumb - what if I want to switch to a different one?"

Double click on your remote to switch fireplaces. You are welcome.

*background voice* "But what about that weird name? What does First Rule mean?"

If I could tell you, I would, but I don't want to break the first (or the second) rule by telling you.

(Those of you who get the reference, please enjoy - I made this strictly for you.)

Thank you very much for your download, and please let me know how you like it!!!


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