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Display a complete dashboard on your TV.

Add, configure and remove widgets.
Dashbd can be used at home or as a business display board.

Dashbd can also be used as a fullscreen Clock, or a fullscreen Weather Forecast, or anything you want, really.

Here's the list of the available widgets :
- Clock : display time and day of one or multiple location(s)
- Weather : display a 3-day forecast of any city or cities
- Image of the day : choose between Nasa, Unsplash.com or The Cat API to display a gorgeous image on you screen, or display all of them if you want
- Calendar : display your events (based on your Google Calendar)

- Custom widgets positioning
- Background customization

What's coming next ?

All these widgets/features will be available in the next version(s) (upgrade is free) :
- Twitter feed
- News feed
- Custom feed (include the data you want, from a CSV or JSON file)
- Stocks
- and much more ...

Ask us any widget on twitter @dashbd_app and we'll release them for you (priority of release is based on number of demands per widget).

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