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Large Screen Sprites and Forces

发行商: Robert L Zimmelman
价格: 免费


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This great App will blow your mind! This is like having your own universe to play with and watch physics in action!

Watch how Gravity, Anti-Gravity and Vortex forces affect objects in space! Drop planets, textures, and colored squares into the scene and watch them interact!

Put forces in the scene to affect the objects, make them fly around and crash into each other! This is tons of fun! Watch the soothing images that YOU create!

Watch the action on your large screen television!

Select Vortex, Gravity or Anti-Gravity forces and watch the fun in this physics simulation!

Gravity will attract objects. Use the finger to point to a place on the screen and click to put a gravity field on the screen.

Or Use the finger to point somewhere on the screen and click to put a vortex field at the place where the finger is pointing. The vortex field will cause the objects on screen to rotate around the vortex, like a tornado. Decrease the vortex power to 0 and the vortex particle systems stand still. Decrease the vortex power even more the the vortex particle systems will spin in reverse!

Anti-Gravity will repel the objects on screen. Place anti-gravity fields on the screen and the objects will almost bump into them, and them get repelled (pushed away).

Clear the screen by holding down a "Long Click".

Show or hide forces by using the menu at the top of the screen.

Choose different background images by using the menus on the bottom of the screen.

Special Thanks for George Hodan for the public domain hand image on! Please take a look!

Special Thanks to NASA for the public domain images used for the vortex sprite, the images of the planets and galaxies and for the background image!


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