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nerdClock is an educational app for everyone, but it is a required download for true nerds.

nerdClock is not capitalized in order to mimic the common practice of using lower camel case for programming variables.

Nerds rule the world, so most of us want our kids to grow up to be nerds. nerdClock is a good first step in that direction.

nerdclock displays the time in various nerdy ways and has tutorials to teach you how to read each clock.

nerdClock contains a free default clock that was painted in photoshop to resemble a clock that had a major role in a film with a cult following.

Learn to read an abacus and binary clock. Learn to do base conversions. There is also a clock that represents the time in expanded form for kids. And for the more adventurous nerd, there is a base 20 clock that represents the numbers using the number system of a lost civilization on six spinning twenty-sided dice.


- Free hand painted default clock (painted using a tablet with a computer)
- Can be used as a screen saver with music apps playing in the background
- Inconsistent look and feel
- Highly difficult to read clocks
- Tutorials on how to read highly difficult to read clocks
- A couple of easy to read clocks
- Ridiculously cool app icon that changes when it is wiggled

The nerdClock provides hours of fun for the whole family while they take hours to figure out what time it was hours ago.

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