US NOAA Radios with NOAA Radar 3D Pro

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The Next Generation of NOAA Radios and NOAA Radar app is here (This app is part of the Universal Purchase. With one purchase, you will be able to listen the NOAA Radios on your iOS, Watch OS and Apple TV devices.). NOAA Radios are a great extension to the NOAA Radar to listen to the latest weather information.

When the app is launched, available radios are listed on the screen. Scroll up and down and look for the radio station you would like to listen to. Click on the station and you are ready to listen to the latest radio broadcast. Click on the "Menu" button to return to the main menu to select a different radio station.

More features are going to be added in the coming updates as we are actively looking into the exciting features provided by the Apple TV.

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