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Alert is a personal alarm and remote monitor that reacts to sound, light, motion and faces!

Alert triggers an alarm based on detecting people's faces or changes in sound, light or motion. When a trigger is detected you have the option to cancel, postpone or just let it sound an alarm. You control sensitivity to detect the slightest sound, change in lighting, vibration or even the number of people detected. At night time use Alert's dark screen and trigger the torch. Share alarms with friends using Alert to remotely monitor on an iPhone, iPad or Apple TV.

• Detect if anybody enters a room. Use as a portable alarm.
• Share your activity levels with a friend, whilst retaining privacy. Are you home? Do you have company?
• Alert yourself or friends when a security, fire or medical device alarm sounds.
• Warn children that they are getting too loud or wake people when they snore!

Alert Version 1.0 Features

• Trigger alarm when you detect sound, light, motion or people
• Remotely monitor and share alarms with other Alerts users with Apple Game Center
• Option to share a short video recorded before alarm
• Option to quietly alert you before an alarm
• Select alarm sensitivity and sounds
• Apple TV sounds alarms and displays what your iPhone or iPad detects

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