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CS702 - Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design

发行商: Muhammad Usman Ghani
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CS702 - Advanced Algorithms Analysis and Design

This is a graduate level course. The major objective of this course is providing comprehensive knowledge of modern computer algorithms and solving scientific and engineering problems efficiently and accurately. The students will be guided, how to analyze complex algorithms comparing efficiencies of these algorithms. Students will not only be taught the design of the existing algorithms but on the other hand it will be focused to teach them designing techniques using rigorous mathematical approaches. The students will be motivated to think about procedures solving real world problems optimally and correctly. Real world problem will be taken as examples to create feelings about the usefulness of this course.

Upon successful completion of this course, students should be able to:
* Argue and prove the correctness of algorithms using rigorous mathematical techniques taught in this course.
* Analyze average and worst-case running times of given algorithm.
* Describe the divide-and-conquer technique and arguing when an algorithmic design calls this approach.
* Derive and solve recurrence relations describing performance of divide-and-conquer algorithms.
* Describe advanced topics such as dynamic programming and greedy approach and reason to use these approaches for a particular situation.
* Integrate dynamic programming and recursive approach improving efficiency of an algorithm.
* Know the importance of graph theory in problem solving.
* Employing graphs to model science and engineering problems, and to reason about when it is appropriate to use it optimally.
* Analyze and design algorithms on further advanced topics such as computational geometry, operations research, cryptography, number theoretic, algorithms etc.
* Analyze several other algorithms of importance such as string matching, NP completeness, approximation algorithms etc.

Note: This application doesn't require any credentials to use and neither it ask for any username/password. Its a free application that provides a support for students to access their lectures, slides and handouts without the need to login to the VLMS every time. This is a non-profit app and will always be. Thats why its FREE!!!


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