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TV Tank

发行商: Oliver Klemenz
价格: 免费


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TV Tank is a mind-boggling strategy and skills game that lets you control a cartoon tank on your Apple TV through a desert scenery.

Your Mission:

Reach all pulsating spots and shoot boxes located on your way. But watch out, spots and boxes disappear after certain times. So create a strategy and plan your trip wisely to reach the right spots first and don't miss any box.

Finish level missions by reaching all spots, prove your skills by shooting as many boxes as possible.

Gameplay with Siri Remote:

(hold Siri Remote in landscape mode, glass touch surface on the left side, as depicted in game menu)

- In Game Menu:
- Select level by swiping horizontally or tapping left/right on the glass touch surface
- Start or resume a level by pressing Play/Pause button
- Start or restart a level by pressing Select button (glass touch surface)
- Leave the game by pressing Menu button

- In Game Level:
- Control tank movement using the motion sensors
- Rotate tank turret by touching the glass touch surface
- Shoot a bullet or missile by pressing Play/Pause button
- Return to menu by pressing the Menu button (game paused)

Game Features:

- Exciting and challenging levels
- Beautifully designed graphics
- Strategic challenges through time constraints
- Realistic tank and turret movements
- Drive tank, move turret and shoot gun simultaneously
- Sophisticated control system via the Siri Remote
- Unlimited bullets and long-range missiles
- Beautiful supporting background music and sound effects


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