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Looking for an alternative to expensive cable bills? FASCINATION TV is a streaming service that’s home to some of the most exciting lifestyle content available. Fascinated with fashion? We got the hottest fashion programming. Into food and weddings? We’ve got that too. Is adventure your thing? How about great documentaries? Well your one-step away from cutting-edge entertainment! With two choices: free with ads or subscribe for a buck. FASCINATION TV… Helping you cut the cord and take back YOUR TV! ”

We would also really appreciate your feedback on what you want to see on the platform. We will then go tell the big shots to go buy it for you. We value you as a customer so much, if you don’t see it on the platform and really want to see it, we will do our very best to make it for you! If enough loyal viewers want to see a specific type of show, let us know! You can help us program the platform!

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