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发行商: Silly Monks Entertainment Pvt Ltd
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Silmo app is completely free and so is everything within. All you need is an Internet connection and your phone! Whether you’re looking for full length movies to make a long journey more interesting or simply looking to catch up on the latest news about your favorite actor, Silmo is the app for you. Designed to ensure that you get your entertainment no matter the format, Silmo is the ideal companion for when you’re bored.

On the App:
1. Exclusive Full Movies (Telugu, Deccani)
2. Short Films (Telugu, Tamil, Malayalam & Kannada)
3. Original Series (Telugu, Deccani)
4. Exclusive Creator Content [!entertainment!]

Exclusive Movies and Short Films:
For all you movie buffs, we have exclusive movies and short films to satisfy your need for more entertainment. Now you can watch new content starring your favorite actors and actresses by simply downloading the Silmo app. Watch free online movies created just for you in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and other languages.
Latest exclusive movies: Kumari 21F starring Raj Tarun, Hebbah Patel et al, Stepney 2 Returns starring Gullu Dada, Pentali Sen and Akbar Bin Tabar.

Original Series:
Watch Silly Monks Originals to enjoy extraordinary, engrossing and binge worthy series that were made exclusively for you! Watch comedy, reality, drama and romance unfold in front of your eyes! The best in Original Series: Tota Ud Gaya, Sathi, Flat No. 706

Full Movies:
Watch the biggest blockbusters from Tollywood, Kollywood and Mollywood only on the Silmo app. Not just watch full movies online for free, but also read movie synopsis with details about the star cast, director, language, year of release, category and movie length. All you need is an Internet connection. You can also download the movies to watch later at leisure. Watch South Indian movies anywhere, anytime for free on Silmo app.

Exclusive Creator Content:
Movies not your thing? Then we got something more exciting and entertaining for you.
With exclusive creative content by YouTube sensations like Hyderabad Diaries, Kiraak Hyderabadis, Warangal Diaries, StreetByte, Suma Amujuri and Harpreet Kaur Kandhari, Silmo has everything for everybody.


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