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The official WION News app helps you have the world at your feet -- quite literally. Not only does it bring the international news, 2020 US Election Updates & Hollywood News to the common Indian reader, it also takes India far and wide -- to other countries and continents.
Be it  Latest U.S Headlines, Political Views, US Entertainment News & Gossips or USA Sports News, US NewsToday you name it, and you get it here on the WION news app. The Breaking News alert feature helps you get to know of any major event as and when it happens -- in any part of the world.
The app works in conjunction with the WION news channel -- a first-of-its-kind 'global' news channel. With its special focus on South Asia the WION news channel takes the region to the West, and vice-versa.
With the LIVE TV option on the app, you can watch Live News coverage of major events on the app. Get the best of the WION news channel -- Gravitas -- on your fingertips.
The WION app also brings to you some of the best articles, analyses and commentary, and opinion pieces written by trusted and superlative news editors and columnists.
Fast and accurate updates on the WION news app will ensure that you find the World's latest news, US Top headlines, Hollywood News, US Trending News on your fingertips. The app is built especially for iOS devices.
* Breaking News developments, News from the World, South Asia, and latest political issues
* Get engaging and entertaining news stories from Hollywood, Bollywood and theatre space
* Live coverage from News, Sports, Technology, Entertainment events

* US Election 2020, all breaking, updates and new reports related to US elections with the latest images and videos including ground reports from Washington.
* Business news, latest updates from Economy, Market and Industry

* Science news, latest discoveries, news and updates about space-related stories and other discoveries from around the world
* Technology news, Gadget and Smartphone Reviews, Apps and Social media news

* International news, Viral and Trending stories from around the world

* Live TV: Never miss a news update. Watch WION news channel anytime, anywhere
* Customised home screen: Select sections of your interest to appear on your home screen. You can even reorder them according to your preference
* Next story: Read the next story conveniently by just swiping left
* Share news: Share articles, photos and videos via Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, WhatsApp, e-mail and SMS text messages
* Manage notifications: Select the categories you want to receive notifications for
* Mark favourite : You can bookmark articles, videos and photos so that you can later come back to them
* Offline reading: You need not worry when you don't have internet access. Use this feature to read news even when you are offline
* Videos: Browse through a selection of most informative and entertaining video clips
* Photos: Photo galleries and slideshows on latest news, entertainment, sports, business and lifestyle
Download the official WION app today to get the exhaustive news coverage by WION's large network, and to easily access latest news, features, photos, videos from India and across the world on your smartphones. The app is built for iOS devices.
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