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PANTAFLIX - Movies & TV Shows

发行商: Pantaflix Technologies GmbH
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Stream international and national films, series and TV shows for free, or rent current Hollywood productions, spectacular documentaries, exciting documentaries and independent films in HD and 4K. On-demand and completely legal.

You have access to a library of more than 12,000 titles. Whether comedy series, kid’s films or old classics – you’ll always find what you’re looking for from our broad selection of genres. What you want to watch is available whenever you want it on your smart TV, computer, tablet or smartphone, and you can watch on up to five devices.

We’ve made entertainment even easier for you. Pantaflix makes streaming as easy as watching TV. Just watch.

How can I watch a film or show for free? #freeonpantaflix

1. Pantaflix works instantly without subscribing, registering or logging in. Just watch.

2. Within the app, you can just click on any of the contents marked “FREE” and play them directly on the integrated video player on your iPhone or iPad.

How can I rent series and films?

1. Our premium content also works without registration or a subscription. Simply click on the title of your choice and the in-app purchase automatically starts the payment process.

2. You naturally only pay for what you watch. On Pantaflix you pay per film or per episode, can stream in HD or 4K, and can download your favorites and watch them on the go.

3. For every purchased title, you have 30 days to click on “Watch now.” After that, you have 48 hours to watch your personal highlight through to the end.

Why should I register?

As easy as watching TV. Pantaflix works instantly without log in or registration. There are however additional benefits for you if you set up a personal profile, which unlocks the full premium experience.

1. Flexible streaming: Your purchase and wish lists are automatically synchronized across all your devices.

2. From smart TV to smartphone: The spot that you stop watching is automatically saved, meaning you can switch between your devices – whenever and wherever – and get right back into watching where you left off.

3. Personalized recommendations: You receive personal recommendations for TV shows, series and films according to your tastes, selected by our staff just for you from more than 12,000 titles.

We hope you like Pantaflix and would appreciate you rating our app. Feel free to write us on Instagram or Facebook with your feedback, ideas and suggestions for improvement, or via email at



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