Classical Music - Old Memories

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Classical Music - Old Memories an app on TV that will make you to rewind your old days, childhood memories and will make you to go back in past with all kind of music of that era like baroque,romantic,chamber,orchestral,choral etc.
Main Karaoke categories are
-- Baroque (1600-1760)
-- Classical (1760-1820)
-- Romantic (1780-1910)
-- Modern (1890-1975)
-- Contemporary (1975 onward)
-- Classical Christmas
-- Chamber Music
-- Orchestral Music
-- Choral Music
-- Opera Music
-- Composer Music
-- Instrument
-- Function
-- Classical Music for Kids
and much more.

Music is an art, entertainment, pleasure, and medicine for the soul and body. Music is one of the few activities that involves using the whole brain and classical Music is related to soul.

Classical Music inspires us in many of the ways, like we can see and real sense of Music by seeing the poetry used in songs.
* Motivational
* Inspirational
* Broken heart
* Pain reliever
* Best for Kids
* Young Generation
* Christmas Classical (Memories)
* Classical soul related
songs are included in these playlists to feel the real sense of Music.

Each and every Genre contains a lot of HD content that will be updated after some days.

Now make your Apple TV a complete Classical MUSIC to listen and watch all kind of MUSIC with just few taps.

Disclaimer: All rights belong to their respective owners. All the content displayed in the app is brought through the YouTube's Public API.

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