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Deep Immersion

发行商: Sferyx
价格: 免费


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Over the centuries, a lot of gold and treasures have been dispersed in the depths of the oceans all over the world, waiting to be discovered and collected again. If you are an excellent diver and professional gold and treasure hunter - this is for you - your mission is to discover and collect all the gold and treasures hidden in the wrecks of ships and the ruins of ancient towns submerged in the sea.

Sharks, wrecks and treasures everywhere - grab everything you find and save yourself! More you risk - more you win and more you win - more you risk! This is not the usual adventure - it is a complete and deep immersion into amazing sceneries in an incredibly realistic underwater world. You will swim and dive deep in the ocean around the wrecks of ships, airplanes, ancient ruins and even a castle to complete the missions. You cannot stay calm for a second because you need to survive in an extremely hostile and difficult environment. As you go ahead to accomplish your tasks it gets harder and harder. Beware - in the oceans and the seas the sharks are attracted by the treasures and any underwater activity and every shark around will chase you and you have to run for your life. Be prepared - only the most trained and brave will succeed - as you go ahead the gameplay becomes more challenging with each move.


- Incredible sceneries
- Beautiful graphics
- A lot of gold and treasures to be collected
- Relentless game action
- You have to avoid hundreds of sharks, mines, wrecks and ruins of ancient towns to survive in an increasingly difficult environment
- You have to create strategy in order to complete the mission and overcome all dangers
- As you go further the gameplay becomes more challenging with each move


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