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Watch your favorite HIS Radio moments anywhere, any time with Apple TV. This service is completely free, family-friendly and positive. HIS Radio began delivering encouraging and uplifting music more than 30 years ago. There are now more than 7 million people throughout the Carolinas and Georgia under the umbrella of HIS Radio's airwaves.

Here you'll find unique video programming from the HIS Radio morning show. HIS Morning Crew with Rob, Alison and Jim is a great way to:

- Be encouraged by the most uplifting, relevant stories and commercial-free content
- Strengthen your faith through real-life stories of life change that comes from Jesus Christ
- Laugh about the latest food trends, silly cat stories or unbelievable inventions
- Get inspired by real people spreading kindness, faith and hope in the world
- Watch the most popular Christian artists share their hearts (and their silly sides!) with personal interviews

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