Everlasting Moments

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Everlasting Moments is a unique singular event app. Have you been to a special event lately like a wedding, birthday or a form of celebration? What do you see... all kinds of cameras, professional photographers, professional cinematographers and lots and lots of iPhones & iPads. Pictures & videos being taken by all individuals. What if there was an app where all of these can come together and are stored, edited and categorized safely and properly in one unique location. Then turn around and present them on a platform that combines the app with the TV app so that now you can view it on your large screen TV - that is what Everlasting Moments mobile app is. A truly unique platform. We provide storage for our clients for 7 years. Our clients will have the ability to edit and control all files related to their singular event.
Friends and family will be allowed to upload and download selected images while viewing them as thumbnails and downloading them as hi-resolution files for printing purposes. Our goal is to store all special events in a singular location allowing you to access that singular event in time and secure space.

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