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Mental Cal - Brain Training

发行商: Bjoern Gumboldt
价格: 免费


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Mental Cal is the most innovative educational app ever designed for a mobile device. Created exclusively for iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch, Mental Cal includes support for Game Center and ReplayKit — complete with leaderboards, achievements, and screen recording — so you can track you progress toward your goals. You can even share screen recordings via iMessage or social media directly from within the app.

Impress your teachers, parents, and friends by telling them in mere seconds the day of the week their birthday or anniversary fell on this year. Mental Cal includes a tutorial that explains the easy steps you need to follow to perform this amazing feat for any date between Jan 1, 1600 and Dec 31, 2099.

Beginner level
• Adjust the picker to any date of interest and select an answer
• The tutorial will always be based on the date you have just answered
• Follow the steps in the tutorial to see how to calculate the weekday for your date
• Adjust the date range to only pick from the current year in order to simplify the calculation

Intermediate level
• Consult the tutorial as needed
• Continue to answer randomly chosen dates
• Track your progress by earning points for correct answers

Expert level
• Start timer mode and compare your performance against others
• Top the leaderboards in 1 minute, 3 minute, and 5 minute competitions
• Earn Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum achievements in 1 minute timer mode

iMessage support
• Challenge others via iMessage App and see who can answer dates faster
• Send weekday stickers that show Latin names and their associated planets

Advanced tools
• Practice from the comfort of your couch with Mental Cal for Apple TV
• Practice whilst waiting in line or on the go with Mental Cal for Apple Watch
• Turn on screen recording during timer mode to analyze your game play improvement

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