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Welcome to the best Basketball game ever made on Apple TV.
After the great success and positive response on ios here we present the Apple TV Version of the game.
The Game is featured in 70 countries worldwide in iOS Store.
This is the #1 basketball game purely developed on Basketball idea.
The game provides a 3D block effect and cool graphics.

Game play Design:-
All the levels are designed according the users skills and mental abilities. It is not very easy to solve a level as you need to be sharp, thinker and you need to use accurate calculations to meet the requirements to achieve a goal.

Game Controls:-
Simple buttons for left and right movement are used for the game and you can control it using your Apple TV remote.

1-It enhances the reflexes.
2-It increases your logical skills and problem solving.
3-It is very Addictive for Basketball Lovers.
4-It is a great choice to spend free time in useful way.
5-Eye Catching Graphics.
6- 3D Effect.

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