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Soothing Jazz Music Bar

发行商: Rehegoo
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The time before heading over to bed should be spent in relaxing ways. One of the most relaxing is listening to music, especially Jazz music. Quiet songs allow you to feel good and find inner balance. Allow your body to completely relax while your mind falls in a dreamlike state with our app!

Our Soothing Jazz Music Bar for Relaxing Night Time is the answer to your needs of sensational techniques to fall asleep. Calming down before bed is necessary even if you're a sleepyhead. Surround yourself with care at home using your favorite warm sounds. Let your dreams flow and give yourself a moment of relaxation.

We hope these ten songs will satisfy you, here they are:

01. Take Your Time
02. Moon River
03. Blue Light
04. Café Jazz Bar
05. Classical Relaxation
06. Seven Heaven
07. Stress Out Jazz
08. Soft Dream with Mood
09. Moonlight Serenade
10. Dark Starry Sky

The first 5 songs are completely free, while the next 5 can be downloaded within the premium version of our app. Is this not enough for you? We chose these sounds of nature you can play along with the relaxing music:

Use the timer function to set how long a song is going to last, so you can totally chill your mind before bedtime.

Our great ambience sounds will let you rest and have a great time during warm summer nights. We hope you like the app and leave a positive review on the store.


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