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Need help in spinning the mood of a party around? If so, we have the help you need! The best collection of disco music, romantic songs and laguna beach rhythms with dazzling HD video are now within your hand's reach. Use the best selection of disco music from famous artists to surround yourself with sounds and background images that everyone will enjoy at your party.

House & Disco Music for the Evening Dance Party Time on the Apple TV is the best dance rhythm machine ever created to make every party unforgettable. All house and disco music lovers will appreciate this wonderful mix. Fill up your dance floors with people who will dance the evening and night away until the first rays of sun appear!

If it's not enough for you, then you can add these sounds of nature and the pictures will make you feel like on a holiday beach party out in the open. All these sounds will help to improve your dance party time. In addition, we have one last function for you. Our timer will help you to set how long each song will last.

Practice your rhythm, enjoy the views and become the king or queen of the disco. Let your body move to the sound of this great music! If you enjoy our app, and it created the right atmosphere to your party, let us know by leaving a positive review on the store!

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