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Good Morning Music: Waking Up

发行商: Rehegoo
价格: 0.99 USD


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Need the right music to wake up in the morning, and start your day the right way? Try to watch the beautiful landscapes and listen to the refreshing music chosen for you and contained in this amazing Apple TV app! Discover positive sensations and watch living images while you practice yoga, meditation or relax under a hot shower before going out for a run.

Good Morning Music: Waking Up with Rising Sun will provide you with the most perfect background in order to be filled with positivity and energy right from the first hours of the day. Our tracklist will help you reach wisdom, peace and understanding. Use these music and moving video themes during meditation, mantra repetition, or solar prayer sequence exercises.

If the relaxing songs are not enough for you, you can include some sounds of nature which we have selectively chosen for you. Use the Timer function! Set the duration of each song, and decide how long your morning routine should be.

We hope our serene sounds,music and HD video help to focus and wake up in a positive mindset. Let the warmth of a newborn sunrise caress you as the day start a new, and let the power of our songs will you with positivity. If you enjoy our work, let us know by leaving a positive review on the store!


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