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Zoho Show - Presentation App

发行商: Zoho Corporation
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Create, share, and edit beautiful presentations on your Apple device while you're on the move. Import PowerPoint presentations (.PPTX files) and pick up where you left off. Work on your slides offline and download them as an image or a PDF.

Highlight Features

Clean, contextual user interface
Sync presentations to the cloud through your account
Use presentation templates to create impressive slide decks
Create and customize shapes and images with a wide variety of formatting options
Add captivating animations to keep your audience engaged
Share and work on slides with your team simultaneously
Easily present your slides on your Apple TV
Use your iPhone or Apple Watch as a remote to navigate between slides.
No ads or in-app purchases
No content recommendations
Go easy on your eyes with the dark mode option

Capture your audience's attention with stunning templates
Make use of the large array of presentation templates and themes Show offers to simplify your slide creation process.

Give your ideas a platform
Add text, images, and shapes on the go to create visually appealing slides.

Reimagine and fine-tune your slides
Choose from an extensive range of formatting options and perfect your slides for greater visual impact.

Wow your audience with animations
Emphasize key sections of your content with animations. Choose from Show's wide range of options to animate texts, images, and shapes.

Add a fun touch with slide transitions
Use intriguing transitions to keep your audience visually engaged and draw attention to slides.

Sharing has never been easier

Invite collaborators by simply adding their email addresses in the share option to get started working together. To help avoid data loss or conflicting edits, Show allows you to choose the level of access for each collaborator.

Export your presentation as a PDF or an image to share it on any platform of your choice. You can also export your presentation as a PPTX file.

Apple TV support
Present your ideas on a bigger screen by connecting to your Apple TV. Navigate and control your slides using the Apple TV remote.
Show's compatibility even helps you use your iPhone or Apple Watch as a remote to deliver presentations on your Apple TV.

PowerPoint Compatibility
Import your PowerPoint (.PPTX) files from your device or any cloud service and continue to work without any loss of formatting.

Never lose your progress with auto-sync
No need to worry about hitting save—Show saves all your progress automatically. All you have to do is create and sign in to your free Zoho account and your changes will be synced directly to the cloud.

Unleash the power of Unsplash
Access the entire library of millions of free, high-resolution images of Unsplash right within the app.

Enhance your data with Smart Elements
Visualize data in innovative ways by using Smart Elements.

Stay in sync with your team using the Review tab
Collaborate with your teammates by adding comments and replies to slides.

Work on presentations in landscape mode
Switch from portrait to landscape mode and continue working on your slides.

A new optimized user interface
A completely overhauled user interface. Switch between collaboration and creation with a single tap.

Access presentations with new Recents view
Skip searching and find all your recent presentations in one place with the new Recents view.


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