Super Kung Fu All-Star Brawl

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The Kung Fu All-Star series is now on Apple TV. Now you can decide who’s the real master of fighting in this Apple TV exclusive, whether with your friends and/or family. Punch, kick, jump, block and evade, it’s all-out mayhem with destructible environments and cool set pieces.

● 1 to 4 players local multiplayer.
● 8 fighters each with a unique set of martial art skills.
● Collect 3 soul orbs to transform into the ultimate beast warrior.
● Arena will randomly spawn weapons, grab them before someone else does.
● Pick up environment objects to use as weapons, or just break things for fun!
● Use your iPhone and/or iPad as a controller (need to download a separate free app).
● Also supports the standard Apple TV controller, and third party gamepad compatible with Apple TV.

*This game is exclusive to Apple TV.

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