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This App is a local network client for TV streams broadcasted using the HTTP web service running on Enigma2 (Linux based Open Source OS) set-top-boxes (STB).

This App allows viewing even if STB does not have built-in support for transcoding.

For the correct operation of the App, it is necessary to have on your STB, the LiveXS (Enigma2) firmware with the built-in support of all necessary utilities to get the list of channels and records and their current EPG information. On other firmware you need to install the plugin, additional information on the support page !!!

The main functionality of the application allows:

To start watching TV streams or recordings stored on your STB, just enter the STB IP address or hostname in the settings menu after the App first launch on Apple TV (message will be shown on your TV screen).
In the settings menu you can also configure:
- Customise the composition of the main menu (top).
- Customise the view of the channel list (grid or list).
- To make navigation on packages (bouquets) / providers / satellites.
- Display the list of available boxes with the installed Live XS firmware on the network and switch to them one-touch.
- View the program guide (EPG) for the selected channel for a few days.
- Add a record for the current transfer and schedule record tasks using the program guide.
- View / transcode to hls format / delete recorded TV shows.
- View / delete / disable tasks in the scheduler list.
- The media player allows you to:
- View additional information about the program being played, including the channel logo, the program name, the genre, the start and end time, the progressor and the detailed description.
- Select the audio track.
- Select subtitles (if available).
- Select the deinterlacing mode.
In the navigation bar at the bottom, display the progressor of the viewed program with the display of the start and end time of the transmission.
- When playing back transcoded recordings, you can use fast forward playback, select the point to continue watching, and scroll (jump) backward for 10/60 seconds.

For the normal functioning of the LiveXS application on Apple TV, you need to install the Live XS firmware on your STB and in the software center the plug-in for Apple TV support.

Оn the firmware of other commands (OpenPLi, OpenATV, etc.) you need to install the LiveXS and OpenWebif plugins.

All the required plug-ins can be found on the technical support page.

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