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Wonder Bible™

发行商: Inspired Properties, LLC
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The words of the Bible are a guiding light for all Christians. It directs the path Christians must take on their heavenward journey. Now, just as you have seen on TV, you can experience the fully dramatized Word of God with incredible sound effects and music, anytime and anywhere! We proudly introduce the new, star-studded Wonder Bible App!

The Wonder Bible App uses the complete Bible text from the New International Bible Version, this incredible NIV Audio Bible not only speaks but entertains!

The NIV Audio Bible is an incredible Hollywood quality performance that takes you back in time with an all-star cast and original soundtrack; including award winning dramatic performances, 3D theatrical sound and a beautifully inspired score by the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra all coming together to make this an unforgettable multisensory listening experience. The Word of God and His teachings brought to life with a cast of actors, musicians, and notable personalities, including Oscar, Emmy and Grammy Award nominees and winners, leading pastors, teachers, members of the clergy, and evangelists.

To enjoy this amazing Audio Bible, simply open your Wonder Bible App and listen as it delivers a spiritual, heart-pounding and authentic event that will become one of the most engaging and emotional experiences of your life.

To enhance your listening experience, the Wonder Bible App lets you listen to the letters, gospels, psalms, prophecies, & more! Easily skip to any book. Chapter or verse. Or pause and return to the same spot later. Listen while driving as a source of inspiration during your busy day…For reflective contemplation and spiritual restoration through good times and bad.


3D Enhanced Sound
• Entire 79 hours of standard audio download (1.4 GB)
• Read and listen to NIV Audio anywhere without an Internet connection

Verse Sync Technology
• Watch as the text moves in sync at verse level with the dramatized audio
• Bookmark your favorite verse or establish a playlist order of your own
• Verses highlight in sync with NIV Live audio
• Easily follow the audio as you read
• Great for studying scripture
• Remembers where you left off
• Sleep timer

Keyword Search
• Simply search the Bible for a phrase or keyword and the search results instantly are displayed
• Searching the Bible has never been easier and more effective

Jump to Anywhere
• Bible grid allows you to easily and quickly access anywhere in the Bible
• Quickly beat anyone to a verse lookup challenge!

Download the most trusted and popular translation of the Bible and experience the Word like never before!


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