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Relevance TV

发行商: ORTEC
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Communicating with your employees can sometimes be a real task. We, ORTEC For Communications, provide a tool to communicate with employees and get them to read the latest news.

The ORTEC Narrowcasting is a standardized solution built on top of the ImgZine Platform. ORTEC Narrowcasting is the latest addition to the product suite of ORTEC For Communications.

Narrowcasting is a way of communicating with a targeted audience in a narrowed network of audiovisual displays (televisions).

It gets easier to communicate with employees through the Narrowcasting tool. You could place them next to the coffeemachine, in your workspace, in waitingrooms etcetera. Narrowcasting allows the content-employees to publish slideshow(s) with local content to specific Narrowcasting-screens. Not only local weather and Twitter feeds, but also up-to-date internal news.

It is very simple. The product consists of 2 parts: an AppleTV and a Dashboard. The app is downloaded and implemented on the AppleTV in advance. The only thing you need to do is to plug in the AppleTV and get in the dashboard to connect it. The next step is to push the content through Narrowcasting.

The Narrowcasting dashboard is part of the ORTEC dashboard. It has access to the same content as the mobile (web) apps or newsletter modules. The main purpose of the dashboard is to configure a playlist of slides for a device.


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