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Turismo is a location-aware application which uses GPS geofences to trigger media playback at points of interest. Turismo uses Apple Maps to navigate to a destination, then on arrival emits a local notification you tap to play full quality media (audio, video, and synthesized speech). Tours contain any number of destinations, and Tourists consume tours authored by others or produce their own.

Turismo is a lightweight cousin to Touring Engine. Both support YouTube streamed audio/video content. Turismo monitors for new tours available in the immediate vicinity and displays available tours. Tap any tour to display the tour destinations, and use Apple Maps to navigate to your destination - or monitor your progress as you approach the destination which auto-plays the assigned media.

Turismo is a crowdsourced application where you can produce public tours available to all users (Tourists), or private tours available to select share participants. Public tours remain available for a maximum 30 days while private tours are retained under Producer control.

When launching the application as Tourist, Turismo displays your location and nearby Tours in the lower drawer. Tap a tour (when present) to display the tour destinations. Tap the Location Marker Arrow in the upper right to track your position as you approach a tour destination to auto-play tour streamed video/audio. Upon entering a geofence, media playback begins.

To produce your personal tours, tap the info button and select Producer mode, then tap Done. Authored tours are displayed in the lower drawer in this mode. easily create Public or Private tours for sharing.

Turismo works best with unlimited cell carrier data plans, though the application minimizes carrier data wherever possible.

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