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The year is 2048.

The International Global Alliance have discovered an asteroid field fast approaching Earth. These celestial bodies are different from anything they've seen before, because mysteriously, they are perfectly shaped cubes.

It quickly becomes clear that these asteroids can not be destroyed with conventional weapons and therefore, in an unprecedented move, the governments of the Earth unite to build the ultimate defence spacecraft, ASTROBLAST™!

By analysing the consistency of the alien asteroids in real time, the Elite Pilots of Planet Earth can detect surface vulnerabilities with lightning speed and destroy each asteroid by level of threat.

In addition, the state of the art ASTROBLAST™ defender grows stronger with each asteroid destroyed by using a sophisticated technique to absorb the energy generated by the explosions.

Become the Pilot of the ASTROBLAST™!

Claim your place in history!

Save the Universe!

Game Features:

• Easy One Touch Controls

• Hundreds of Intense Levels to Complete

• Cinematic Theme FX & Hi-Res 3D Graphics

• Ultimate Pilot Game Center Leaderboards

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