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HolstonTV makes it easy to watch Live TV on the go or at home. With this revolutionary streaming service exclusively available to the Holston Electric Cooperative service territory, you can catch your favorite channels on your mobile phone, tablet, computer and more. Unlike the outdated and inflexible technology of traditional cable, you are no longer tied just to your television to watch.
No more cable fees and no more contracts! That’s right - HolstonTV is owned by the members served, and being part of HolstonConnect’s fiber-based services, HolstonTV offers all customers the same consistent pricing. The installation fee is even waived with a 12-month service agreement fulfillment.
Just like your local Holston Electric Cooperative, HolstonTV cares about your community. That’s why we offer the local channels in your area to bring you the news, weather and events that matter to you.
Presenting a clean and functional design, HolstonTV has an intuitive interface and comprehensive program guide that makes it easy to browse for shows. It is now easier than ever to watch the latest full episodes of networks' popular and critically-acclaimed shows on all the must-have channels!
Can’t make it home in time to catch the latest episode? HolstonTV has your back. You will never miss your favorite show or game again. HolstonTV stores the last 72 hours in the cloud for instant access, and with our Cloud DVR you can record your shows and movies and access them from virtually any device anywhere with an internet connection.
HolstonTV is all about you as it learns preferences and suggests new shows and movies you will love. Set up profiles for the whole family so everyone gets a personalized, customer inspired experience!

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