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SelectTV - Entertainment Guide

发行商: FreeCast, Inc.
价格: 免费


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No More App Diving. Organize and Manage your streaming services (free or pay) on all devices with the convenience of it all in One Place. The Streaming Super App, SelectTV gives you control over the excessive number of streaming apps and makes all your content easy to find. Just like a new phone or computer, taking a few minutes to set up SelectTV today will give you years of pleasure. Watch what you want to watch, when you want to watch it, on all your favorite devices. $3.99/mo Try it for FREE for 7days.

SelectTV has a live support chat available 24/7 that can provide set up assistance, troubleshooting, answering general questions, cancellations, and more.

Watch UPtv, INSP, AXS, Outdoor & more for only $7.99/mo with our ValueTV Package. Try it for FREE for 7 days. Cancel anytime. ValueTV includes cloud DVR.

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SelectTV Features :
Live TV Channels
Cloud DVR
Subscription Manager
PPV Deal Finder

Product Features:
- 19 Premium LIVE Channels, including INSP, WeatherNation, UPtv, AXS TV, MGM HD, Outdoor Channel, Sportsman Channel, Baby First TV, and QVC.
- $7.99/mo. Try it FREE for 7 days. Cancel Anytime.
- Features include: One of a kind smart guide, Pay Per View deal finder.
- Manage and link all your subscriptions in one place
- Cloud DVR Available on live channels


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